CONTOUR - Conservation & Tourism Policy Management

Contour provides a Responsible Tourism consultancy service for international development agencies, NGO’s, National tourism departments and private investors, evaluating tourism as a component of rural livelihoods diversification and shared-growth initiatives, and cultural and environmental sustainability.

Technical Tourism Expertise

Contour has a comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry with up-to-date commercial experience in the international holiday market including tour operating, wildlife and rural tourism and the MICE industry and three decades of operating experience in over 50 countries worldwide. Contour provides informed and realistic advice from the global and national perspective for analysing capacity and income potential at the local level.

Tourism Policy Management

Contour has three decades of experience in international tourism management and delivers realistic long-term strategic planning and implementation support, including sales and marketing, operating systems, product training, and health and safety procedures, international legal requirements...

Responsible Tourism and CSR

Contour is committed to delivering environmentally sustainable, culturally sensitive and socially inclusive tourism development programmes by achieving a commercially viable balance between conservation, the livelihoods of local communities and a rewarding experience for the visitor.

Project categories

Tourist value chain, added livelihood benefits, tourism and poverty reduction, socially-inclusive tourism, pro-poor tourism, sustainable tourism, community-based tourism, eco-tourism, nature tourism, rural tourism, wildlife tourism, cultural tourism, special event and festival tourism, tourism infrastructure and commercial property development...